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There are many great benefits to owning a Culligan high-efficiency water softener, 下面是前7名:


根据一项在 新墨西哥大学,软化水可以 将热水供暖成本降低近30% (21.7% to 29.6%).

That means that with a Culligan water softener in your home, you’ll save money every month when the electricity bill comes around!

这就是bb电子娱乐 a Culligan water softener can usually pay for itself in monthly savings.

Culligan water softeners can reduce hot water bills up to 29%!
A Culligan water softener can increase the lifespan of your washing machine, dishwasher, & 热水器
A Culligan water softener can increase the lifespan of your washing machine, dishwasher, & 热水器


Hard water has the same effect on your pipes as it does on appliances: it causes a buildup of minerals and other materials that can clog your pipes, 降低水压, 引起各种管道噩梦.

通过安装Culligan软水器, 你要确保这是唯一清楚的, 软水流过你的房子helping your pipes to stay in better condition and last longer.

Plus, by keeping your water pressure strong, you’ll have more enjoyable showers every morning!

A Culligan water softener can help your glasses look sparking clear & 清洁

5 .你的皮肤会更漂亮 & 头发

With soft water, you can say goodbye to soap build-up on your skin and hair. Skin stays softer and healthier when its natural oils are allowed to remain and aren’t covered by a mineral build-up.

当你用软水冲洗时,肥皂 & 其他产品更容易洗掉. You’ll also be able to use gentler soaps, and your skin will feel softer and 清洁er. Many people also report that rough, dry skin diminishes naturally with soft water.

Without a buildup of minerals in your hair, you’ll find that your hair is softer and 更容易 to manage, brush, and de-tangle. 最后, 如果你染了头发, it will keep its radiant new color longer if it’s washed with soft water.

用软水,你的衣服 & 毛巾会更亮 & 柔软,长
用软水,你的衣服 & 毛巾会更亮 & 柔软,长

7 .被消费者文摘评为“百思买”

我们的软水器被命名为 消费者的消化 “百思买”已经有好几年了.


A Culligan high-efficiency water softener can save you up to 46% in operating costs compared to many of our competitors’ water softeners. 随着时间的推移,这些储蓄真的可以积累起来.

更重要的是, every Culligan water softener comes with friendly Culligan Man service–so whether you need service, 盐交付, or help moving your softener from your old home to your new home, 我们会来帮忙的. We live and work in your community and we’re here to stay.

After all, what good is our top of the line Limited 终身保修 if there’s not going to be someone here in another 20 years to honor it?


Most people don’t actually know if they have hard water or not. Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to find out: with a Culligan的自由水测试.

它的工作方式很简单. Just fill out the form below and schedule your free test with one of our friendly associates. We’ll come to your house and test your water for hardness, sediment, contaminants, and more.

Armed with the knowledge of exactly what’s in your water, you’ll be able to choose the best water treatment system for your home.

请注意: Your free water test is 100% free, and you are under 没有义务 买任何东西,无论什么. 这是 100%无风险.

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得到 12个月与现金相同 关于Culligan软水器.

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